The annual report process for the General Church and Metro New York District must be completed by all pastors, ordained and licensed ministers, retired ministers, and all other relevant church leaders. Click on the links below for access to complete each report. All reports listed must be completed by February 28th, 2023 by Senior Pastors and/or other assigned church leaders.

If you have questions or require assistance in completing these forms, please email to set up a Zoom meeting with someone from our District Staff.


To read all reports from District Superintendent, MNYD Directors, Auxiliaries and Boards, click the link below.

2023 District Assembly Handbook (Spanish) (Korean)

Senior Pastors

Annual Pastor’s Report (English) (Français) (Español) (한국어)

How to complete and submit your APR:

  • DOWNLOAD ADOBE ACROBAT READER (if not already installed on your computer)
  • DOWNLOAD THE ANNUAL PASTOR’S REPORT PDF by clicking on the appropriate language-specific button above.
  • COMPLETE ALL ITEMS except for the highlighted portions (Church Number; Number of full church members last year; Total full church members; 39. Given for World Evangelism Fund; 41. Total Given for Pension Fund; 42. Total Given for District Ministry; and 44. Given for assigned Nazarene Educational Institution).


One Page Pastor’s Report 

MNY Dashboard Project

Clergy Data Survey

Additional Reports

To be completed by Pastor or otherwise assigned leader.

Church Directory (Spanish) (Korean)

Certificate of Election (Spanish) (Korean)

Pastoral Staff – Request for District Approval