Week 1: Serving in times of anguish

These are days of anguish and Jesus’ great example to us in times of anguish is compassion demonstrated through humility, service and love. Jesus did not consider himself for who he was, The Messiah, but he humbled himself and served his disciples by washing their feet.

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Week 2: Love The Foreigner

For years, the United States has received immigrants and refugees from other lands. Fleeing from injustice and oppression, seeking freedom and the opportunity of a better life; and many have found it here. But at the same time, we recognize that some aspects of the immigrant experience are far from the vision of the Kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed. Many people who try to migrate are suffering, and in some cases dying; human rights are violated; families are separated; and racist and xenophobic attitudes continue to exist. What does Scripture say about how we are to respond?

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Week 3: What Will You Do?

Jesus chose the wilderness, many enter it unwillingly. What will you do when you’re called into your own wilderness?

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Week 4: Image Bearers

How do we see our neighbor? Do we recognize the Imago Dei in others?

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Week 5:  Micah 6:8 – Act Justly (Part 1)

Just like the Israelites, God is calling us to act justly, especially in these challenging times.

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Week 6: Micah 6:8 – Love Mercy (Part 2)

If we are to live an authentic, covenantal relationship with Christ, we must not only embody just acts rooted in our love for God – they must also be extended in love to others.

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Week 7: Micah 6:8 – Walk Humbly (Part 3)

How is Christ calling you to live differently, to embrace humility in the eyes of the Lord and with your neighbor?

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