The annual report process for the General Church and Metro New York District must be completed by all pastors, ordained and licensed ministers, retired ministers, and all other relevant church leaders. Click on the links below for access to complete each report. All reports below must be completed by February 29th, 2024 by listed individual.

If you have questions or require assistance in completing these forms, reference the training video below or email for further guidance.

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Reports for Pastors to Complete

If you are a Senior Pastor, fill out these reports:

Annual Pastor’s Report

One Page Pastor’s Report 

If you are a Licensed or Ordained Minister, fill out this report:

Annual Report of Ordained and Licensed Ministers (District)

If you are a Retired Minister, fill out this report:

Retired Ministers Report

Reports for Church Staff to Complete:

To be completed by assigned church staff OR Pastor:

Church Directory

Certificate of Election

Pastoral Staff – Request for District Approval