Asian American Ministries brings its unique perspective to church building, engaging in cross-cultural outreach, building strategic partnerships, and developing new Christian leaders in the Asian-American community of Metro New York.

AAM-Led Ministries

The House of Intercessory Prayer Ministry

We recognize that our strength comes completely from God. All who come to the House of Intercessory Prayer are driven by a total reliance on the Lord through consistent prayer.

The Center of Church Planting & Global Missions Training

AAM church-planting strategy focuses on assessment, training, and continual support for new missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene.

Lead “All Nations” Church & Multilanguage Learning Center

AAM founded a multiethnic English-speaking congregation at Flushing First Church of the Nazarene where diverse neighbors can connect, communicate with each other, and experience the love of Jesus in their community.

New York Global Leadership Institute (for the Next Generation)

The New York Global Leadership Institute equips and empowers youth for service and leadership at both the local and the global level. The Institute employs an innovative model of charter formation as leadership development and fosters collaborations between churches and organizations who seek to equip leaders for global ministry.

Global Communications Ministry

The Global Communications Ministry creates diverse media that inspires, informs, and invites participation in the life, mission, and purpose of the Church, including social networking, webcasts, and other special projects.

Immigrant Paths Community Service

Immigrant Paths assists immigrants in identifying pathways to citizenship and cultural adaptation by providing education and consultation.


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Questions? Please contact:

Rev. Phillip Park

President of Asian American Ministries
(516) 813-7868