Asian American Ministries (AAM)

AAM exists to strengthen pastors, congregations, and church leaders to reach unchurched Asian Americans, transforming them into Christlike disciples, creating relational Asian American Nazarene networks, and ministering to them in their unique cultural context in the Metro New York District and beyond.


Asian American Christians form one of the fastest-growing Christian demographics within the United States. AAM’s commitment to Jesus provides Asian American leaders with the tools to address and overcome the unique challenges Asian American Christians face. These three C specialty tracks will focus on the specific and relevant issues that any Asian American church among Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indians, South Asians, South East Asians, and more will face in the mission field.


There may be more varieties of Asian Americans than any other racial group. Asian Americans are not all alike; far from it. They consist of over 34 ethnicities, each with vastly different backgrounds of language, culture, nationality, time of immigration, and more. AAM’s priority is to connect with all Asian American faith communities to acknowledge and celebrate their unique complexities and connect unreached Asian Americans beyond traditional and cultural boundaries by addressing the universal desire for perception while leading seekers to call upon and claim Christ Jesus.


We are witnessing the beginnings of cross-cultural, multi-ethnic, and next-generation unity and inclusivity in the rise of Asian American churches and ministries. While indigenous Asian American churches can reach people that speak Asian languages, culturally relevant churches are also needed to reach English-speaking Asian Americans with a bicultural background.


New York is a cultural mosaic full of opportunities to share the Gospel. We support AAM clergy and laity leaders to present spiritual truths in the heart language of a person in the American context and effectively present the Gospel in English if done in a contextualized manner. AAM cultivates a multitude of servant ministries: evangelism, discipleship, leadership, intercessory prayer ministry, new church development, social justice, immigration, compassion, and education among Asian American churches.

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Questions? Please contact:

Rev. Phillip Park

District Coordinator of Asian American Ministries
(516) 813-7868