Compelled by our relationship with Christ: – Compassion, Justice & Immigration (CJI) exists to support local Nazarene churches in the tangible witness of compassion, justice and immigration as an expression of lived faith.

More specifically, CJI:

  • Serves the local church at the point of their need
  • Engages broken systems in collaboration with the local church for community transformation
  • Equips the local church in building beloved communities where immigrants are integral to who we are.

Unity in Diversity

  • We are unified in our differences (humanity) as people who bear the image of God (imago Dei)
  • We are called to One mission (Love) with one objective (God’s glory)

CJI’s immediate goals:


Assess and identify methods used by the local church in serving the Metro NY communities for greater impact


Develop strategic initiatives that effectively mobilize resources for transformation in Metro NY communities


Encourage and equip local churches to engage their constituents to work with strategic partners for the benefit of communities we serve


Questions? Please contact:

Rev. Althea Taylor

Director of Compassion, Justice, and Immigration
(516) 561-8614