Discipleship is at the heart of congregational life in the church.

It was Jesus who said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Those words of Jesus provide the goal of and passion for Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI). While the methods may change, the objective is always the same – making Christlike disciples.

The mission of Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI) is to carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifetime of being and making Christlike disciples in the nations.

We are called:
  • To be a people of prayer, engaged in the Word, making Christlike disciples.
  • To intentionally develop relationships with unreached people so that they become Christlike disciples making Christlike disciples.
  • To teach the Word of God to children, youth, and adults so that they are saved, sanctified wholly, and maturing in Christian experience that results in a life of compassion, evangelism, Christian education, and disciple-making.
  • To encourage everyone to faithfully engage in a discipleship ministry such as Sunday school/Bible studies, small groups, and other disciple-making ministries.

Our Objective

To reach the largest number of unchurched people for Christ and the church, bringing them into fellowship, teaching the Word of God effectively, and encompassing their salvation; teaching the doctrines of the Christian faith and developing Christlike character, attitudes, and habits; helping to establish Christian homes; preparing believers for membership in the church and equipping them for appropriate Christian ministries.


Questions? Please contact:

Terrence Chapman

District NDI President