Nazarene Missions International represents missions for the Church of the Nazarene at the regional, district, and local level.

With more than 70 people groups in the Metro area, we find some of the world’s neediest mission fields right at our door.

Beyond our district, the Church of the Nazarene supports missionaries in over 162 regions of the world. Many of our local congregations have provided physical support to these mission areas, building churches, schools, clinics, dormitories, and pastoral housing. Missions is not just something we talk about — it is an inherent part of what we do!

Our mission is to mobilize the District Metro New York in missions through:

  • praying
  • giving
  • educating
  • engaging adults, youth and children

NMI District Goals

  1. Mobilize NMI leaders in the Metro New York District
  2. Connect local NMI to district and global NMI
  3. Pray, train, and go together
  4. Encourage mission-mindedness


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For more information please contact Pastor David Perez – 862-414-1290

Questions? Please contact:

Rev. Alondra Perez

District NMI President