For Clergy

The Nazarene Seminary of the Americas

Clergy Finances
Submitting your annual budgets.

Clergy Licensure
A reference to help the one called and the sponsor navigate the process towards ordination as Elder or Deacon in the Church of the Nazarene.

For Congregations

Optimal Pastoral Wellness
A time to forge friendship and fellowship around the shared concern of pastoral wellness.

The PDF file of updates regarding new CDC guidelines for the Metro New York area. Spanish, Korean, French, Chinese.





Local Church Reporting

Annual Pastor’s Report
Email containing Documents of the reports due and dates.

Submitting Your Report
Directions and information on how to submit your annual report.

Nazarene Account
This site is your central access point for all of your Nazarene Account enabled applications.

Supporting Organizations

Nazarene Theological Seminary
Offers flexible options and a variety of programs designed to equip students to respond to God’s call.

Eastern Nazarene College
A fully accredited Christian liberal arts college with approximately 1,000 students distributed across residential undergraduate, graduate, and adult studies programs.

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)
A network of Christians committed to seeing people and communities wholistically restored.

The Immigration Alliance
Equips church and community leaders across the country to provide legal and other holistic services to under-resourced immigrants.