The District Advisory Committee has begun it’s search process for the next District Superintendent for the Metro New York District Church of the Nazarene. Below you will find information intended to keep you well-informed throughout this process, the District Profile (prepared to aid in reaching that individual whom God has already anointed to fill the position), and the Nomination link. Please review the Profile, give prayerful consideration and let us know of possible candidates no later than Wednesday November 28. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.


11.17.23: District Profile finalized & sent out with nomination link
11.28.23: Deadline for all nominations
12.20.23: Biographical information for all nominations completed
1.3.24: Biographical information document sent to DAC along with straw ballot to register first 5 choices
1.8.24: DAC meeting to discern list of 10 candidates and finalize compensation package
1.9.24: List of 10 sent to Board of General Superintendents for approval
1.27.24: Regional Director sends approved list to DAC with survey to take straw ballot of top three candidates
2.8.24: DAC meeting to prioritize remaining candidate list and discern 2-3 with whom to invite to conversations
2.9.24: RD or JGS to set up dates for conversations with nominees; DAC determine questions for conversations
2.20.24: RD sends questions to candidates
2.28.24: Interviews
2.29.24: Interviews; DAC meets to finalize moving approach and appoint transition point person
3.29.24: Process committee completes process and candidate presentation for District Assembly
4.19.24: District Assembly – farewell to current DS, election/welcome of new DS 30 days following Assembly.


District Communications

DS Selection Process Letter from Filimão M.Chambo, Jurisdictional General Superintendent (Español) (Português) ( Kreyòl Ayisyen) (한국인)

Draft Profile and Survey (sent November 3)

District Profile and Nomination Link (sent November 18)

Praying For The One: Monthly Update from the Prayer & Communication Committee – December, January, February, March, April


What is the District Advisory Committee?
  • The District Advisory Committee (DAC) is composed of the members of the District Advisory Board, the chairperson of the District NDI Board, the president of the district NMI, the president of the district NYI, the district secretary, and the district treasurer. This committee shall meet as necessary and shall be chaired by the district superintendent or the general superintendent in jurisdiction or his/her designee.
Who are the current members of the District Advisory Committee?
  • Nichelle Maynard-Elliott
  • Rev. David Perez
  • Judy Linton
  • Rev. Chuck Corradino
  • Rev. Josefina Stephens
  • Rev. Dr. Richard Griffiths
  • Rev. Juan David Paniagua
  • Karen Ford
  • Brendy Franco
  • David Mendes
  • Wayne Elliott
  • Terrence Chapman
  • Miriam Hunte
  • Alondra Perez
Who is the current Jurisdictional General Superintendent?

Dr. Filimão M.Chambo

Who is the current USA/Canada Regional Director?

Rev. Dr. Stan Reeder

If I submitted a name during District Assembly, should I do that again?
  • YES — Although all of the names submitted at the District Assembly will be automatically considered, this new nomination form gives you a chance to expand on WHY you are submitting that name. That information can be valuable to the DAC as they consider nominees!
Will my name as the nominator be included?
  • NO — while the nominator’s name isn’t confidential, the DAC will not automatically be given the names of those making nominations.
Can I nominate the same person three times?
  • YES — but for the report to the DAC it will only count as one individual submission.

Questions? Please contact:

David Mendes